Beta player

A tinka's player card has the red Beta Player ribbon.

Beta Players are not to be confused with TinkaTesters. Beta players were people who signed up during Open Beta, which was available to everyone, and which started on September 30 2011. They are considered almost as rare as TinkaTesters.

What they didEdit

Open Beta players were players in Open Beta, the final phase of beta, which meant that most of the bugs were already squashed. But some things still needed finalising, and so they used open beta players, and TinkaTesters for that matter, to test them.

How to become a Beta PlayerEdit

The title of Beta Player was given to someone who signed up during open beta, for everyone. Literally, you just needed to have signed up during open beta and then you would immediately get in. You need some patience too, as there were still some pesky bugs out there.


Like TinkaTesters, Beta Players did get some prizes, but not as many. They were given a red ribbon that said "I was a beta player" on it. (TinkaTesters had both ribbons), and a red badge for it. They unfortunately didn't get a month of free membership, or the TinkaTotem or any golden eggs.

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