Blueberry Hill gets very crowded in the 2011 Christmas Party.

The Tinkatolli Christmas Party is an anual party that takes place every year in December to January. Many changes happen during the Christmas party.

Some rooms get filled with snow and Christmas decorations, and new organics and junk that are Christmas themed hit the island. You would not be able to find these at any other time of year. And if you are a member, then you get even more junk and some member only bonuses as well.

Christmas party 2011Edit

The 2011 Christmas Party was tinkatolli's first, and it started on December 5 2011 and ended on TBA.

Blueberry Hill, Canopia, and Tinkertown were all covered in snow and twinkling lights and Christmas decorations.

Candy Canes hit the island for the first time as food for the tinkas, as well as 3 new types of holly brances, rosehips, and for members, bells and even animated Christmas lights which come in 5 colours, the first ever animated junk items.

There was a hunt for 12 very rare snowglobes as well, with a new one releasing each day.

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