Your energy bar tells you how much energy your tinka has. You can gain energy by eating any type of food. At the moment, how much energy you have is irrelevent but maybe in the future there will be limitations to low-energy tinkas.

In a December 2011 update, it was made so that if your energy bar became full and you tried to eat stuff, it would go into your bag, and thus the "food" section of your bag was added.


  • When your energy bar gets down to 25% a pop-up comes up every now and again telling you that you need to feed your tinka.
  • It takes around 1 hour of no feeding for your tinka to go from full energy to no energy.
  • When you first ever log onto tinkatollil, your energy bar is empty.
  • It takes 10 berries to go from no energy to full energy.
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