The Makeables Contest is one of Tinkatolli's 3 contests, the others being Woot Wednesday and Tinkapad of the Week. The winners are announced usually twice a month.

How to enterEdit

To enter, you must first be a member. Then you must make something in real life! You must become a tinka and gather every toilet roll or scrap paper that you don't need, and turn it into something, then take a picture to upload to your scrapbook, then sumbit it to the tinkafair.

How to winEdit

The staff pick a few submitted enteries each contest for nominations. If your makeable ends up in the nominations, then it comes down to votes. Other tinkas can vote for the nominated makeables. The one to recieve the most votes when the deadline arrives, wins.


If your makeable wins, you win the Builder badge, which says "This idea has been built into Tinkatolli" and a few weeks or months later, your makeable appears in the furtinure or mechanical shop.

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