The advert in the tinkazette for 2011's competition

Superbly Seasonal Christmas Pads was a contest in December 2011, and maybe in the next few years to come. The contest involved tinkas making their tinkapads christmasy and entering the competition. Anyone who the staff thought had really put an effort in would get the badge. There would be more than 1 winner each time. The winner gets a seperate badge from the regular tinkapad of the week. People who already won Tinkapad of the week could still enter.


2011 was the first time there was a Superbly Seasonal Christmas Pads contest. It was announced on twitter on December 7 2011, but an official ad was placed in the tinkazette on December 12 2011.

The deadline for entering was December 21 2011. The results were posted on 21/12/2011. There were 31 winners. They are as follows:

  1. Tipski
  2. Mexboy
  3. Mysweety
  4. Veggie master
  5. Josh
  6. Carrotnoise
  7. Yawn2
  8. Joelle
  9. Dukster
  10. Bobbycool3
  11. Loki Terry
  12. Lokiterryknm
  13. Mikep01
  14. Journey
  15. iDylan
  16. Tomironi
  17. Cookiemonster
  18. iMaker
  19. Amyy
  20. Icycold1
  21. Fentonh
  22. Amy1995
  23. Chey6767
  24. Solsolsol9
  25. Lefty7788
  26. Cyberkid97
  27. Labob
  28. Knm
  29. Cherry
  30. Jimberson
  31. TheTinka
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