I was a tinkateste

A Tinka's player card with the yellow TinkaTester ribbon.

TinkaTesters were a special group of tinkas, sometimes known as Pre-Beta players. They were the first lot of Tinkas to join up to Tinkatolli. TinkaTesters started signing up on December 21 2010, before open beta started on September 30 2011. Upon the release of open beta, there were around 300 active TinkaTesters.

What they didEdit

TinkaTesters were the earliest tinkas on the island. The name gives their jobs away. They tested Tinkatolli for any bugs or glitches before Tinkatolli's official release.

How to be a TinkaTesterEdit

You simply had to have signed up before September 30th. However, they don't let any old kid be a TinkaTester. You have to have good patience, as bugs can be EXTREMELY frustrating. Especially when it involves losing data. When TinkaTesting got full, they barred people until there were spaces. It would usually take a few days for them to find a space for you.


TinkaTesters were awarded loads of prizes upon the release of open beta. A yellow ribbon was added to their playercard saying "I was a TinkaTester!" and they also won an extremely rare badge. They were given one month of free membership and a special carving called a "TinkaTotem" which tinkas had to find.

But the biggest prizes given were the five TinkaTester eggs. (The fifth of which may become the rarest item on tinkatolli over time due to the fact the TinkaTesters had to have found all 4 of the previous eggs to get this.)

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