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The Tinkafair is a tent set up in Sundunia. If you have submitted a drawing, makeable etc. from your scrapbook into the Tinkafair, it will show in one of the categories in the Tinkafair. If other tinkas see your makeable they can like/vote for it and it will give the original owner 5 tinkapoints for each like.

Makeables, Crafts and DrawingsEdit

To submit a drawing, makeable or craft that you have made, you need to go to your scrapbook, upload it in the 'Maker' section and you should get a message saying 'Submit to the Tinkafair?'. Say Yes, and within a day to a week your object should be placed into the Tinkafair.

Likes and VotesEdit

If a tinka scrolls across your makeable, drawing or craft, it can like it or vote for it if it has been placed in the nominations. A vote or like will give the creator's Tinka 5 tinkapoints, which can be used to make makeables.

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