Tinkatolli Traders
Spooky Trader

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Trader Tinker



Tinkatolli Traders are tinkas who come to the islands who trade with other tinkas. They usually want junk and organic items and trade them for rare items. The Traders have been around since the beginning of Tinkatolli Beta, trading with Tinkas. Traders are usually found in places like Stinkatolli, Sundunia, Canopia, Junkatolli and Tinkertown

Spooky Trader Van

Spooky Trader with his truck

Trader Tinker (the orginal trader) changes costumes during special events. So far he has changed to Spooky Trader, the Halloween Trader. He may or may not change costumes with Easter or Christmas.



What the trading page looks like

To trade, you need to click on the Trader and drag the items out of your bag to the picture. In result, the Trader should give you the items. Make sure you have been given the items, if you haven't email Pennie at

Known TradersEdit