A tinka's food section in their backpack, which includes Lingonberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Candy Canes, Blackberries, and Chocolate.

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Tinkatolli: Land of the Tinkas

Tinkatolli is a small island (or maybe more than one), and this island (or islands) is the home of the Tinkas. That's about all anybody really knows for sure. Where Tinkatolli exactly is, or what it precisely looks like, is still quite a mystery. Up until this point, no scientist or any other person has ever even been there. But that's about to change.

Treasures on the shores!

Tinkatollis made my users!

For many years now, the Tinkas have been finding treasures on the shores of Tinkatolli. It started longer ago than any Tinka can remember when an old cork rode in on a wave and came to rest in the dunes. The very next day, a lid to an old jam jar floated up and settled in the mud. The Tinkas had never seen such things before, so they didn't know that the cork was a cork or the lid was a lid. But what they did know is that, with a little imagination, almost anything can be made into something. So, it didn't take long at all for the clever Tinkas to turn the cork and the jam jar lid into a funky little Tinka-table.

So it has been for years - treasures wash ashore, the Tinkas collect them and, with mix of imagination and creativity, turn the treasures into all sorts of fun and useful things. There are now currently 127 different pieces of junk that can be planted. But tinka's could make 127,000 with that.

But lately, as each day passes, more and more treasures land on the shores - a LOT more! As you may have guessed, these things the Tinkas call "treasures" are what we people call "junk". If you've ever seen a street gutter after a rainstorm or looked under the bleachers after a ballgame, you have an idea of what the shores of Tinkatolli are starting to look like.

Except, there is one small thing. Tinkas have a problem.

There are simply too many treasures, and too few Tinkas. Like any clever creature that finds itself in a fix, the Tinkas have decided to ask for a helping hand. So they thought about it, and thought about what kind of hands could help, and realized that out there, all over the world, there are playful, clever, kind, creative creatures just like them. Creatures called "kids".

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